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The Club After School's primary focus is to continue to enrich and grow student learning through activities emphasizing on the C's of learning through enrichment.  The owner is a former educator with over a decade of experience teaching children and growing teacher leaders.  With background knowledge in leadership, gifted learning, and special education she is poised to lead the charge.  With her experience Club Leaders have been selected to ensure that students are engaged in the C's. Our teachers can identify the 5C's and help direct student engagement while navigating out of the box fun!  Students will participate in language classes, yoga, art, sports, and enjoy the STEAM truck!  Through CCR The Club After School will promote the importance of outreach through various service partners.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in community service projects during the year.   


  • Snack and social time-

    • When students arrive to the program, they are provided with a healthy snacks.  During this time they are encouraged to develop friendships through conversation and play.

  • C's Enrichment Time-

    • Students have the opportunity to continue to build friendships as they move to outside enrichment and discovery time.  Children are presented activities that emphasize one of the 5 C's daily.  Monthly enrichment activities include yoga, sports, art, book clubs, technology, and STEAM.  With student input, our teachers work diligently to prepare thematic activities that are meaningful, engaging, and fun.

  • Journal Working Time-

    • Journal assistance and guidance is offered during the JWT block. Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their school day and complete work and journal. 


Daily Schedule

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