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Interested in being apart of The Club?  We strive for experienced staff that are well balanced in the 5C's.  Our staff is trained in CPR/First Aid, and they receive ongoing professional development throughout the year.  Please send all career inquiries to with resume attached. 

Are you a local chef that would like to do a food demo or a police officer that would like to share how you keep our communities safe?  All parents and community members are encouraged to volunteer. Volunteers can bring their expertise first hand to children in The Club. Children learn and grow best if nurtured from all aspects of life.  Here at the Club we encourage parents and the community members at large to get involved!  For more information and to express your interest please email

Grady High School Partnership

Students attending GHS can volunteer at The Club locations for their graduation service hours.  All students must provide a letter of recommendation from one teacher.  Please email for more information. 

Club Access


The Club After School emphasizes the importance of enrichment beyond the classroom.  Supporting ongoing education through integrating the 5C's gives students opportunities to further explore their interests.  This allows students to engage in activities through different lenses.  Through our program we have integrated the 5C's (creativity, critical thinking, citizenship, communication, and collaboration) to help drive the focus of our activities.  This encourages students to excel both inside and out of the classroom.  Students will engage in book clubs, yoga, experiments, art activities, steam activities, language classes, collaborative sports and more!  

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